Rationalize your cutting tool stock

NCSIMUL TOOL, the professional solution for enhanced collaboration

Managing the complete cycle of machining program

... CAM preparation ...

  • Rational tool selection based on characteristics, COM and appropriateness for a particular type of machining;
  • Creation and consultation of theoretical assemblies: BOM, product data...
  • Ability to view a complete panorama of the physical assemblies present in the workshop;
  • Choice of the best trade-off between technical constraints and costs when choosing between an existing reference and an acquisition;
  • Automatic generation of the files needed for CAM and program simulation.

Viewing an Assembly in NCSIMUL TOOL

... Physical preparation ...

  • Support for the whole tool preparation process in the workshop;
  • Recording of all tool-related events: setup, tool change, machine input/output;
  • CMM connection;
  • Transmission of machining programs with associated compensations immediately usable on DNC machines.

Setup and measurement in NCSIMUL TOOL

... And control of parts and assemblies in stock

  • Inventory control;
  • Monitoring of tool operation (tool usage statistics);
  • Management of purchasing or interfaces with your Information System (ERP...).

Inventory control and statistics in NCSIMUL TOOL

Virtual Machine Showroom

NCSIMUL puts the digital twin at the heart of your daily challenges. Based on the real characteristics of your CNC machine, the result is a dynamic verification of your production that includes the exact environment for all machines, tools and materials.

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