New features & improvements

NCIMUL 8.9 is a comprehensive machine simulation solution for simulating, verifying, optimizing, and reviewing machining programs for CNC machines (machining, drilling, riveting). 3D graphics help to avoid machining crashes while powerful algorithms and embedded process-based know-how enable cutting conditions optimization, and standardization of the shop-floor documentation. NCSIMUL MACHINE 8.9 verifies NC programs in three steps: investigates and corrects coding errors, simulates to locate and correct motion errors, and validates the part program. Many customers report that this utility is also a helpful training tool for new employees because the virtual sessions are short, easy to comprehend, and eliminate errors.

An additional comparison mode – gouged material

This type of simulation isolates the display of volumes that have been gouged. The new function is a welcome addition to rough stock/part comparisons. It generates a list of blocks that have machined the finished part. The list can be sorted by volume, thickness index, block number or tool number. Gouged volumes are displayed all together or one by one with a color scale and can be synchronized with a local zoom function. Users can also display the finished part, tool, and tool path, and measure volume thicknesses.

The simulation can be run separately after a conventional simulation or coupled with it.

NC controllers editor

The editor can be used to clean up the CNC controller used on your machine. It has the same debugging functions as the Microsoft Visual Studio tools, i.e.: step-by-step program and macro execution; macro call stack monitoring; variable viewing; insertion of conditional or unconditional break points; macro viewing. The editor is synchronized with the NCSIMUL MACHINE graphic and program windows (for faster debugging). The controller editor remains accessible during debugging, and users can dynamically modify or add NC codes, G and M codes and reading formats. The editor comes with context-sensitive help on the functions used in the controller development language (ACNU).

Enhanced display for large parts

A zoom function has been added to the ‘3D scene parameters' tool bar. The zoom, represented by the red rectangle can be moved and enlarged by left-clicking. The zoom is displayed in a 3D type window that also supports zooms with rotations.

NCSIMUL Player enhancement

To continue to promote the paperless process in the workshop, the NP3 file now delivers production information to the NC operator.

A new tool bar can be used to measure all the 3D elements in the NP3 film. Users can measure thicknesses, distances, points, angles, diameters and center-to-center distances.

NCdoc enhancement

The introduction of a new document template in the NCdoc application will enable Process Engineering departments to supply dynamic documentation to the workshop.

Process sheets can now be generated in PDF format with encapsulated video sequences. The videos can be run by just double-clicking on the image in the PDF file. Video creation is activated in the ‘Film/Captures' tab in the simulation parameters.

OPTITOOL enhancement

The optimization by learning capability has been improved by a more comprehensive analysis of the program's cutting conditions. The software now also provides information on cutting conditions for the 1st block entering the material.

Performance gain

Gains range from 20% to 30% when decoding complex programs like probing macros or manufacturer macros containing a large number of variables, loops, calls to sub-programs and math calculations.

80 customer upgrade requests incorporated

SPRING Technologies always listens to its customers and, in NCSIMUL MACHINE 8.9, has implemented over 80 customer upgrade requests.


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