Delivering training to 2,000 technicians and engineers each year, it is France's biggest independent CAD/CAM/PLM training center

SPRING ACADEMY offers high-quality original services to ensure that training is delivered in optimal conditions, for both course organizers and trainees.

Continuous skill assessment during the course

Students are asked to fill in quality assessment forms on an "as you go" basis, providing clear, spontaneous feedback on satisfaction levels and an opportunity to appreciate whether the course has fully lived up to expectations. However, these forms do not tell the whole story. Students must be fully literate and proficient when they get back to their daytime jobs. This is why, to complete our quality system, we have added a knowledge validation tool. At the end of each day, students fill in a technical questionnaire to show whether they have fully taken on board all the new concepts and commands. The next morning, the instructor goes back over the points that students may not have grasped and on which there is still scope for improvement. This system enables an ongoing assessment of the skills acquired throughout the program and significantly increases the chances of success.

At least one course per month at our center in Montreuil

The courses that draw the biggest demand, typically basic cycles and complex surfaces, are organized at least once per month in our centers in the Paris region. We regularly publish a calendar with all scheduled course dates. We welcome you to get in touch if you wish to enquire about any unscheduled sessions: additional sessions can be organized on request at our centers in Toulouse, Lyon, Nantes and Nancy, for groups of at least two trainees. Some courses are only available on request.

Courses on your site with our workstations

If you cannot free up workstations for the course duration, SPRING ACADEMY will bring its own hardware and software to enable the course to go ahead smoothly. An additional charge is made for this service depending on the number of days and transport costs. Please enquire.

SPRING ACADEMY consulting services :
Did you know that a course organized at one of our centers, even when we dedicate the facility wholly to your business, is often less costly than on-site training, and ensures that your trainees will be more focused during the course?

Optimal course process

Our facility at Porte de Montreuil on the edge of Paris has been equipped to ensure that our courses are efficient and that trainees can enjoy their stay. Classrooms are equipped with video-projectors (for classes of over four trainees) and courses generally include both theory and hands-on. By alternating the two aspects we ensure that students progress quickly with a steady learning curve. A relaxation room gives students a chance to unwind, get to know other each other and chat with the course instructor. Hotels and restaurants are located close to our Paris offices and are just a stone's throw from the nearest Paris metro station.


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