Delivering training to 2,000 technicians and engineers each year, it is France's biggest independent CAD/CAM/PLM training center

Real-world cases

SPRING ACADEMY has based its reputation on original teaching methods that have gained the trust of manufacturers. Our methods have two main focuses :

  • Clear, comprehensive and user-friendly course materials. These media provide a framework for the training and an excellent reference guide that will become a tool that draftsmen and operators can subsequently use for their day-to-day work when the course is over.
  • Students work on examples from real-world manufacturing environments based on drawings or finished parts. They are not told the solution to the exercise at the outset. On the basis of the information acquired during the theoretical part of the class, they are invited to explore the software, with the help of the instructor, with the aim of producing the finished part themselves. Even though the learning curve may be initially steep, the method ensures that students acquire the independence they will need to become operational upon completion of the course.

Ongoing skill testing

In addition to the quality assessment forms filled in on an “as you go” basis by the students, providing clear, spontaneous feedback on satisfaction levels and an opportunity to appreciate whether the course has fully lived up to their expectations, we have implemented a knowledge validation tool as part of our quality system. At the end of each day's training, students fill in a technical questionnaire to show whether they have fully taken on board all the new concepts and commands. The next morning, the trainer goes back over the points that students may not have grasped and on which there is still scope for improvement. This system enables an ongoing assessment of the skills acquired throughout the program and significantly increases the chances of success, demonstrating the student's ability to become operational on the software and consequently to gauge the efficiency of the training.

Customized working methodologies

Our services are always based on the same five-step process :

  • An audit to set goals and precisely outline the scope of the mission ;
  • Choice of parts and breakdown into broad families ;
  • Analysis on a workstation leading to a suggested methodology ;
  • Production of a methodological guide in electronic format to rapidly view the work method ;
  • Step by step design method for the most significant parts in each family ;
  • Production of training sessions wholly dedicated to the methodology, bringing users on board and facilitating understanding.
This has yielded the following results :
  • Superior productivity and quality of work because the methods used are fully adapted to the company's core business ;
  • Fast-track learning process for users who have direct access from their workstation to a user-friendly, explicit methodology ;
  • Rapid integration of new hires, by creating a formal framework for their knowhow ;
  • Homogeneous and consistent design procedures.
SPRING ACADEMY helps companies to optimize their investment and training for their personnel. A global approach, with content and duration that vary according to the selected project and its scope (parts, applications: CAD/CAM, etc.) can be offered to companies, irrespective of their size.

Optimize personnel training

To optimize training for personnel (before rather than after the training program), SPRING ACADEMY offers the following additional services :

  • Assessment of skills (by implementing validation tests in the form of technical questionnaires or hands-on tests on the workstation) ;
  • Assessment of course objectives and training needs ;
  • Preparation of parts specific to the company's business for customized training ;
  • Support for project go-live ;
  • Post-graduate support ;
  • Refresher courses for trainees who are out of practice.


«We, as a first step, implemented this solution in Germany on a pilot site. Subsequently, we generalize this choice to standardize our production tools to optimize and secure our CAD/CAM data exchange. Our goal is simple: continue to be in the first fifteen largest industrial suppliers in the world.»
Peter Robl | Director of the Passau production site and in charge of the methods for all ZF Group production sites

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