The machining simulation concept

A key link of the numerical chain


Machining environment

Elements that must be considered in order to simulate as close as possible from real machining conditions :

NC Controller

NCSIMUL MACHINE takes into account NC Controller logics :
  • Decodes NCTape ISO code programs
    • G and M codes
    • Tool compensations (diameter, length)
    • NC machine sub-routines, loops, macros and variables
    • NC machine, part and program origins
  • Takes into account NC Controller logics
  • Cycle times (block by block, cumulative)

NC Machine-tool

NCSIMUL MACHINE takes into account the main NC machine parameters :
  • Kinematics
    • No limitation depending on number of axis (3 to 5 axis simulation software)
    • Complex kinematics, parallel (tricept, hexapod)
  • Machine limits
    • Axis courses
    • Maximum feed rate
    • Speed
  • Power
  • Axis acceleration

NC Operator actions

NCSIMUL MACHINE takes into account the operators actions :
  • Initial positioning of the part on the table
  • Clamp insertion / removal during machining
  • Part rotation / translation between 2 programs
  • Manual tool mounting possible
  • Operator data entry
    • Numerical data entry
    • Validation (yes/no)


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