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EASTEC 2015 : SPRING Technologies showcasing NCSIMUL MACHINE - the mobile and synchronized NC simulation solution



The latest generation software features the shop floor appropriate Panasonic Toughpad equipped with NCSIMUL Player 9.2, the CNC simulation reviewer of NCSIMUL MACHINE

SPRING Technologies, developer of software solutions that enable manufacturers to optimize their CNC machines, is exhibiting in booth 5859 at EASTEC from May 12 - 14, 2015.

SPRING's exhibit will highlight the latest features, benefits, and applications of company's flagship simulation software, NCSIMUL MACHINE and NCSIMUL Player 9.2. Specifically, with the growing adoption of remote and mobile software accessibility, SPRING will demonstrate its recently introduced mobile system called WYSIWYC® (What You See Is What You Cut). 

NCSIMUL Player 9.2 will be embedded on a fully rugged, mobile Panasonic Toughpad IP65 and shown how it is connected to machine tool controllers such as Fanuc CNCs.

With this capability, shop floor operators and managers are able to interact remotely - in 3D and in real time using intuitive touch controls - with one or several CNC machines and their machining processes, as they execute the CNC program on the machine. 3D animations of CNC machining processes, as well as related work instruction sheets are directly accessible from the mobile application.


"What WYSIWYC means to manufacturers is that we at SPRING Technologies are changing the way operators interact with CNC machines and rethinking the way procedures are accomplished on the shop floor," explains Philippe Solignac, Corporate Marketing Director for SPRING Technologies. "We're offering a unique user experience, which is very attractive to Generations Y and Z, with true shop floor-dedicated mobility with the ultra-rugged Toughpad tablet PC. It's fun, it uses touch technology, and everything is digitized, including worksheets. It's also a very effective methodology for conducting training modules without an additional large investment."

According to Mr. Solignac, customers are achieving at least 25% higher productivity using the combined three technologies comprising WYSIWYC. He credits that because so much information about the program and process is immediately available that there are fewer errors, better decision making, smoother changeover between shifts, and easier multi-machine supervision.

To see how the system functions and the benefits that can be realized, visit EASTEC, booth 5859.


SPRING Technologies est un éditeur de logiciel permettant aux industriels, utilisateurs de machines à Commande Numérique (CN), de réduire les coûts de fabrication et d'augmenter la capacité de production de leur parc machines.

Son logiciel NCSIMUL® offre une maitrise complète et intégrée du processus de fabrication de l'Industrie 4.0. Il améliore toutes les étapes, depuis la communication entre toutes les machines de l'Atelier et leur suivi, pour augmenter leur taux d'usage, en passant par la gestion des outils coupants pour une réduction des coûts, la vérification et l'optimisation des programmes ISO, pour l'anticollision et la réduction des cycles unitaires d'usinage, et enfin, la reprogrammation en un clic des programmes issus de la FAO, pour un transfert de production simple et rapide.

Cette approche unique, permet de simplifier la chaîne numérique, apporte les outils et la flexibilité nécessaires à la mise en place de l'Usine du Futur.

Fondée en 1983 et basée en France, Allemagne, Chine, Malaisie et Etats Unis, SPRING Technologies travaille en étroite collaboration avec les industriels des secteurs Aerospatiale et Défense, Transport, Energie, Biens d'équipement industriel et Médical. Et au travers de son réseau international de revendeurs, SPRING accompagne également ses clients sur les cinq continents.

NCEXPERIENCE, NCSIMUL, 4CAM, OPTITOOL, WYSIWYC et NDOC sont des marques déposées de SPRING Technologies.


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