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NCSIMUL 4CAM : NCSIMUL 4CAM wins German INTEC Award of 2017


Software for flexible CNC machining awarded to contribution of digitalization in mechanical engineering

Great news for the SPRING Technologies team: The Company, which participated at the Machine Trade Fair INTEC for the first time, won the INTEC prize 2017 in the Enterprises of up to 100 employees Category for its future-oriented NC solution NCSIMUL 4CAM. With this software, existing NC programs can be converted to various machines with different controllers with just a few clicks, without the previously necessary reprogramming and manual reworking. The generated NC program is directly verified and optimized. As a result, the software provider promises an enormous time saving in programming, the possibility of flexible machine switches and thus increased productivity in NC production with continuous and digital processes.

Copyright: Leipziger Messe GmbH / Uwe Frauendorf

The award ceremony took place in the congress hall at Leipzig Zoo on the evening of the 7th of March. The award for Companies of up to 100 employees was given by Prof. Dr. Reimund Neugebauer, President of the Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research.

General Manager DACH from SPRING Technologies Herbert Schönle is delighted to have received the award: "For us as a software provider, the INTEC Award is a very special award because it shows the importance of NC digitalization process to solve machining challenges meeting Industry 4.0 requirements. With our innovative solution, we want to continue to strengthen the competitiveness of the machine tools and within mechanical engineering sector in Europe, because software and machine tools belong closely together. The fact that our solution was chosen as the best by a high-ranking expert jury is a special honor for us."

The participation in the trade show as a whole is also promising for SPRING Technologies. "On the first day we had very interesting and inspiring conversations in the booth. Participation at INTEC 2017 was the right decision ", says Schönle.
The INTEC award also endowed the winners in in categories of companies of up to and more than 100 employees with 5,000 euros for innovations in the development of Digital Manufacturing. A panel of experts from different industries, research institutions, and trade associations and political figures selected winners according to the criteria of innovation and advantages gained. This took into account state of the art technology, contribution to Energy and resource efficiency, probable market potential and development expenditure and, finally overall future impact on Digital Manufacturing.
The companies Profiroll Technologies, Bad Düben and Niles-Simmons Industrieanlagen, Chemnitz, share the first prize in the category of companies of more than 100 employees this year. Reiff Technische Produkte GmbH also won the prize for the best career programs for young talents.

INTEC takes place every two years in conjunction with the International Supplier Fair Z in Leipzig and is regarded as an important branch meeting for the Metalworking industry in Germany and Europe. More than 1,380 companies from 30 countries exhibited from 7th - March 2017, with a range of services in the fields of machine tools, metalworking processing, automated production systems, and technology solutions for industrial 4.0 production.


La division Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence aide les fabricants industriels à développer les technologies de rupture d’aujourd’hui et les produits novateurs de demain. En tant que spécialistes des solutions de métrologie et de fabrication, notre expertise en détection, réflexion et action - via la collecte, l'analyse et l'utilisation des données de mesures - permet à nos clients d'augmenter leur rythme de production et d'accroître leur productivité tout en renforçant la qualité des produits.

Grâce à notre réseau de centres de support, d'unités de production et de bureaux commerciaux répartis sur les 5 continents, nous créons des changements intelligents dans l’industrie pour construire un monde où la qualité améliore la productivité. Pour plus d'information, visitez

Hexagon est un leader mondial en solutions numériques permettant de créer des écosystèmes connectés autonomes (ACE). NCSIMUL (bourse nordique : HEXA B) emploie environ 20 000 personnes dans 50 pays, et enregistre des ventes nettes de 3,5 milliards d'euros. Visitez hexagon.comet suivez-nous sur @HexagonAB.


NCSIMUL est un éditeur de logiciel permettant aux industriels, utilisateurs de machines à Commande Numérique (CN), de réduire les coûts de fabrication et d'augmenter la capacité de production de leur parc machines.

Son logiciel NCSIMUL® offre une maitrise complète et intégrée du processus de fabrication de l'Industrie 4.0. Il améliore toutes les étapes, depuis la communication entre toutes les machines de l'Atelier et leur suivi, pour augmenter leur taux d'usage, en passant par la gestion des outils coupants pour une réduction des coûts, la vérification et l'optimisation des programmes ISO, pour l'anticollision et la réduction des cycles unitaires d'usinage, et enfin, la reprogrammation en un clic des programmes issus de la FAO, pour un transfert de production simple et rapide.

Cette approche unique, permet de simplifier la chaîne numérique, apporte les outils et la flexibilité nécessaires à la mise en place de l'Usine du Futur.

Fondée en 1983 et basée en France, Allemagne, Chine, Malaisie et Etats Unis, NCSIMUL travaille en étroite collaboration avec les industriels des secteurs Aerospatiale et Défense, Transport, Energie, Biens d'équipement industriel et Médical. Et au travers de son réseau international de revendeurs, SPRING accompagne également ses clients sur les cinq continents.



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