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NCSIMUL 2022.0 R2 Comparison reporting
NCSIMUL 2022.0 R2 Comparison reporting 2
NCSIMUL 2022.0 R2 MachiningCloud import
NCSIMUL 2022.0 R2 Connected simulation
NCSIMUL 2022.0 R2 Connected simulation 2
NCSIMUL 2022.0 R2 Cut analysis
NCSIMUL 2022.0 R2 Interfaces

NCSIMUL 2022.0 R2

Several new enhancements have been made in NCSIMUL 2022.0 R2 to improve traceability of CNC programs and overall quality assurance:

Comparison reporting

The NCDOC technical documentation module – initially developed to produce a document for the workshop by allowing to prepare the machine with sheets describing the setup, the origins, the tools, the machining sequences and possibly the in-progress checks – can now be used by the programming service to certify the validation steps of the program. In addition to the checklist of operations performed, it is possible to document all the comparison analysis executed on the machining result. Screenshots taken during the three types of comparison (graphical, gouged material and surplus material) and the differences observed are automatically inserted into the document.

This new functionality is very useful for programmers subcontracting jobs, who are now able to attach to the delivered program complete documentation containing technical details as well as the report of the verification actions carried out to validate the program.

The main benefits of the comparison analysis reporting are:

  • Traceability of verifications and analyses carried out on the program
  • Improvement in overall quality assurance
  • Up-to-date documentation included in the NCSIMUL project

Import machine digital twin from MachiningCloud

The MachiningCloud application is an Industry 4.0 solution that allows you to access a database of machine tool builders and download digital twin machines in 3Dlive tm (GDML) format. The NCMOTION application from NCSIMUL, which allows you to build the kinematics of a machine, can now import a GDML file. This function enables you to retrieve the definition of the complete kinematic chain of the machine from the floor to the tools and tables, the axes with their direction, limits and speed characteristics as well as the associated graphic elements, fixed or mobile accessories, the spindles with their limits, the turrets with their stations, the housings and logos.

Using data provided by the machine tool builder, the machine digital twin can be used directly without any rework, ensuring the use of a perfect digital twin. It is also possible to export NCSIMUL machines in this format which can be used to share a very large number of machines, across different Hexagon software applications.

The main benefits of GDML import / export are:

  • Reliable import of data provided by the machine tool builder
  • Machines ready to be used in the software
  • The ability to share machines across different Hexagon applications

Connected simulation

The NCSIMUL WYSIWYC module can be connected to a CNC or to a Sinutrain tm (Siemens) or Programming station TNC (Heidenhain) PC emulator. This solution dedicated to training centers makes it possible to learn the operation of a CNC machine while having realistic feedback of the actions carried out. The connected virtual machine is an exact reflection of a real machine, it has the advantage of being always available and free of repair costs after a collision.

With this solution, the student easily learns the handling of a CNC, while graphical feedback allows them to grasp problems and understand more easily the effect of their actions.

During this connection, all the changes of state of the CNC, all the axis positions and the parameters received are stored in memory, it is possible to save this monitoring in an NCSIMUL project at the end of the session. This project can be analysed by the teacher using an NCSIMUL advanced license.

The main benefits of connected simulation are:

  • Cost-effective solution for training centers
  • Realistic graphical feedback
  • Shorter learning curve to use a CNC machine

User experience enhancements

Cut analysis

With improvement of the cut analysis report, at the end of the analysis, the user finds the median value of the cutting parameters of each tool sequence, in addition to the maximum values. The median values being very close to the values defined in the CAM software, allow the cutting conditions to be checked more quickly.


With tool sheets layout improvement the generic parameters of the milling tools not depending on the type of tool are calculated from tool profile analysis.


The NX interface for mill-turn machines has been completely revized. Now, it allows the sending of CAM data (3D element, tools on turrets or B axis, programs, origins) in NCSIMUL in just a few clicks. The user can start the simulation without making any changes to the project.