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NC Digital Twin NCSIMUL 2022
NC Digital Twin NCSIMUL 2022
NC Digital Twin NCSIMUL 2022

NCSIMUL 2022.0

Improve CNC program quality assurance and traceability

Machining Cloud Connection

The latest release of NCSIMUL includes direct access to MachiningCloud, an Industry 4.0 solution providing a knowledge base of cutting tool manufacturers and the ability to search for tool components to create assemblies in minutes. These tool assemblies are securely saved in MachiningCloud for consultation and future use and can also be exported to CAM or simulation software. The imported data is displayed in the tool library editor, which allows some adjustments to be made before validation (for example: tool number, gauge value, reference name etc).

The main benefits of MachiningCloud include:

  • Reduced tool preparation time
  • Up-to-date manufacturer-supplied tool data for every simulation
  • Secure collision detection with tools
  • One-click import of complete tool lists

Reporting improvements

The NCDOC reporting module is enhanced with functions that make it possible to monitor the checks performed on a program before sending it to the workshop. These new features improve quality assurance company by adding traceability. All actions, calculations and analyses monitored during the session are displayed in the product information windows and in the documentation in the form of a checklist. The documentation generated by the module is now embedded in the NCSIMUL project, so it can be viewed by the operator in the workshop from NCSIMUL Player.

Key benefits:

  • Traceability of verifications and analyses performed on the program
  • Up-to-date documentation always included in the NCSIMUL project
  • Documentation available for consultation in the workshop with NCSIMUL Player
  • A single file containing the Player and the instructions

Machine-specific licensing

Machine-specific licensing for 3 + 2 milling machine, 5-axis continuous milling machine and single channel mill-turn allowing the use of NCSIMUL and Hexagon CAM interfaces for one machine. Licenses can be purchased via subscription.

Key benefits:

  • A scalable offer by CNC machine
  • Machine, software and Hexagon interfaces available in a single package
  • Greater flexibility via the subscription model

Simulation improvements

During the simulation it is now possible to view the coolants activated by the program. All types of coolant can be animated, including exterior multi-nozzles, by the center, cabin washing, blowing, etc. The definition of the properties of the nozzles (position, orientation, length of the jet, color) is done in the kinematics editor, while the animation is an option of the simulation parameters.

Key benefits:

Simulation management is improved by generating messages for the user when:

  • The simulation was interrupted before the end
  • There is nothing to simulate when the intermediate roughs are up to date
  • The simulation is paused, a line in the alarm logger allows the user to reposition in the program before continuing the simulation


The new ESPRIT TNG interface for milling and turning allows users to send data such as 3D element, tools, program and origins to NCSIMUL in just a few clicks. The user can start the simulation without making any changes to the project.