NCSIMUL Interfaces

With NCSIMUL, optimize the CNC programing workflow

NCSIMUL is linked to most of the CAD/CAM Software available and you can import all CAM project data (programs, origins, parts setup, tools and manufacturing information) directly into NCSIMUL.

The connectors are available for:

Automatic CAM links are also available for SURFCAM, VISI, ALPHACAM, and GO2CAM.

NCSIMUL is reading all CNC machine G-code programmed from all CAM systems and can open neutral format such as STL, STEP, VRML for CAD assemblies.

Native CAD parts and assemblies can be opened within NCSIMUL including CATIA, CREO, NX, SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDEDGE, INVENTOR and Parasolid.

Along the CAD and CAM links, Tool Data Management systems are connected to exchange Tool Data with NCSIMUL, such as Machining Cloud, ZOLLER, TDM Systems and FASYS.