Reliable, fully customized, yet affordable CNC post processor

Most CNC post processors on the market today are either too expensive, too complicated or may not be supported adequately in the long run. For over 30 years, SPRING Technologies has developed a library of more than 1,000 CNC post processors.

"SPRING's knowledge was key in developing our customized post-processor. The local support was essential; we were able to modify as needed and continue integrating complicated new technology quickly and efficiently."
Steven Meserve / CNC Engineer / SAFRAN


  • Your CAD/CAM-generated code is not readable by your machine
  • You do not have the in-house know-how or manpower to program your own post-processor
  • You do not know what kind of APT output your CAM software can generate, or what kind of ISO output your NC machine can handle

  • Supports machines of any complexity: linear or rotary axes, 5-axis turning centers, 4-axis EDM, and any combination of rotary tables and/or rotary heads
  • Fully tailored to your requirements
  • Smart programming: automatic addition of proper lines of code to generate the tool path pattern
  • Portable programming: emulation of any kinematics regardless of the target machine
  • Compatible with ANY CAD/CAM system which generates APT code files
  • Eliminates in-house development: no coding knowledge required
  • No added cost for post-processor runtime or generator
  • Experience
    Over 30 years of experience. Trusted by the major players in their industry: Aerospace, Power, Automotive, Medical Devices.
  • Flexibility
    More than 1,000 CNC post processors developed for all CNC machine controllers including Mazak, Siemens, Fanuc, Haas, DMG/Mori Seiki, NUM, Heidenhain, Fidia and others. Experienced with all types of machine-tools: linear or rotary axes, 5-axis turning centers, 4-axis EDM, and special machines. Customized on-demand post-processor development based on all universal generators that enable interfaces between the main CAD software and all types of machine tool.
  • Commitment
    An established, reliable 100+ staff company.
    Flexible maintenance engagement: pay as you go or select a yearly contract for added peace of mind.


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