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NCSIMUL 4CAM : SPRING Technologies and NCSIMUL 4CAM win the "AMB MM Award 2016" for innovation at the AMB International exhibition


Rewarding innovation, MM Maschinenmarkt selects SPRING Technologies for this year's honours

SPRING Technologies, vendor of software for the optimal and flexible use of Numerical Control machines, has just been rewarded for its innovative NCSIMUL 4CAM software at the latest AMB 2016 exhibition in Stuttgart (Germany). This add-on solution for the market's leading CAM products won the MM Award 2016, a trophy awarded for the most innovative technology in the "Software" category.

For the last three years, the German industry magazine MM MaschinenMarkt, has awarded eight trophies at the AMB 2016 international exhibition. The show, organised every two years in Stuttgart, is one of the top five in the industry. It draws 1,350 exhibitors from nearly thirty countries, all showcasing their latest offerings for machine-tools, new generations of precision tools and products used across-the-board by professionals in the machining sector. Many vendors were in competition for the different categories of 2016 MM Awards.


The jury assessed the level of innovation on the strength of three main criteria :

  • Firstly and importantly, the offering had to be completely new or deliver a substantial improvement on an initial development ;
  • Secondly, it had to be revolutionary, rather than just an upgrade, in terms of traditional know-how ;
  • Finally, the eight members of the MM-MaschinenMarkt panel judged the solutions, not only on their intrinsic innovatory quality, but also, above all, on their real-world value in the industrial environment, taking into account the productivity increases actually delivered.

Of the 24 shortlisted businesses, the panel chose 8 winners, selecting one as "outstanding". Competition in the "Software" category, won by SPRING Technologies with its NCSIMUL 4CAM, was fierce, as prestigious rivals included Open Mind Technologies and Mitutoyo CTL Germany.

This is the 2nd trophy for innovation that SPRING Technologies and NCSIMUL 4CAM have won this year, the solution having already received the honours in April at France's n°1 industry show, Salon Industrie Paris 2016.

From SPRING's point of view

"For SPRING Technologies' German teams in particular, the AMB MM Award, is an outstanding acknowledgement of the investment and development work we have put into NCSIMUL 4CAM. Our goal with NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS is to speed up and secure the programming and production processes for our customers in the field of industrial machining, making them more flexible, faster and better matched to the demands of Industry 4.0. The factory of the future is driving industrial processes towards ever more digitization, and we have the solutions", said Herbert Schönle, CEO of SPRING Technologies GmbH.

What is NCSIMUL 4CAM ?

The SPRING solution is an add-on for the market's leading CAM offerings, enabling programs to be transferred to the kinematics of different machine tools, depending on the availability of the machines in the workshop, the difficulty of the machining operation, the company's needs, etc., increasing agility in production. NCSIMUL 4CAM consequently offers users the ability to change machines on the fly with no need to produce a new CAM program, while continuing to use the market's leading CAM packages, including CATIA, NX, CREO, TOPSOLIDCAM, and MASTERCAM, or existing NC programs (ISO format), without the need to custom develop external post-processors.

In just a few clicks, NCSIMUL 4CAM generates a program that is optimized, checked and secured, irrespective of the target machine type, kinematics or controllers. This helps companies not only to capitalize on the work embodied in legacy CAM or other existing programs, but also to take advantage of new machines, ensuring that production remains flexible and uninterrupted. The product enables manufacturers to integrate the software solution into all their machining projects in a seamless, bidirectional, end-to-end process, through to the manufacturing go-live on the final target machine.

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